C&G Systems has been a leading manufacturer of electronic control systems and precision shape cutting systems for plasma and oxy-fuel applications since 1968. C&G offers a full line of CNC machines ranging from their economical Aviator series and heavy-duty Challenger machines, to their large format Taurus cutting systems. These systems can be completely customised to accommodate unique spaces, have multiple cutting heads as well as provide true bevel cutting and addon tube cutting equipment.

Computer numerical control (CNC) precision cutting systems are automated machinery equipped and designed for highly accurate and controlled cutting. Specialised computer programs guide the plasma torch cutting tool in C&G’s machines, ensuring precise and repeatable cuts with minimal human intervention. The CNC cutting systems provided by C&G Systems are used throughout the world and in a variety of industries ranging from manufacturing and aerospace to automotive, enabling the production of intricate and custom components while enhancing efficiency and minimizing waste.

"Cadasio’s ease of use and ability to quickly create outputs streamlines our technical communications"

Based out of Lake Zurich, Illinois, USA, C&G Systems have an impressive 8,000 m2 modern manufacturing facility, but also a global presence with a worldwide installation base. They refurbish, upgrade and retrofit existing machines with the latest controls, options, and power supplies and are confident they can modify any of their systems to meet the most challenging demands. Their technicians are often required to perform these upgrades and retrofits in the field, so having a reliable, easy to create and understand set of technical communications is vital. “We wanted an easier way for customers and employees to locate and identify part numbers for installation and ordering” said Craig LaMotte, Engineer. Since they use the popular CAD system SolidWorks to design their cutting systems, Craig originally looked at using SolidWorks Composer, but opted for Cadasio due to its ease of use and affordability.

As well as a thriving commercial business, C&G Systems machines are proud to be involved in the educational sector and are currently in use in schools across the United States. The educational instructors are able to unlock the full potential of a C&G Systems machine by taking advantage of the technical support system which is complimented by the technical communications created with Cadasio. “Cadasio’s ease of use and ability to quickly create outputs streamlines our technical communications, helping us offer first class technical support to all our customers and internally to our team.” said Craig.

C&G Systems Challenger

Cadasio offers a lot of great functionality to output 2D assets and create 3D presentations for technical communications and Craig found that the tool tips that can be added to items has been particularly useful. “We find that Tool Tips have been a very beneficial feature for us, as they provide a direct way of identifying a part number without searching through an extensive bill of Materials” commented Craig.

By offering a more modern approach to technical communications, Craig and the team at C&G Systems have found additional business advantages to using Cadasio. “Enhancing our customers impression of us with Cadasio presentations during the sales and implementation phases has been a welcome added benefit”.

For more information about the services and products C&G Systems offer, head over to their website now. If youre looking to modernise the way you create and deliver your technical communications get started for free with Cadasio today!