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We are a small vibrant team wanting to create a fantastic product that will revolutionise the way you create your technical communications.

About Cadasio

After experiencing first hand just how much time, money and effort people where spending just to create flat 2D images for their instruction manuals we realised there must be a better way.

Officially launching at the end of 2020 Cadasio came about from a talented group of people with years of experience in the CAD industry.

Working at Elite CAD resellers or as part of the development team at the most popular engineering CAD software companies, SolidWorks and Autodesk, we where in a unique position to not only see the frustrations that end users felt when trying to create assets for instructions manuals,  but also saw how little was being done to overcome this.

Cadasio wanted to remove the barriers traditionally associated with similar software and create an affordable, practical and accessible platform that adds real value to its users.

Primarily UK based, our team works remotely all round the world and focuses on creating a useful, affordable and easy to use product. Being a software as a service, means we can be flexible and roll out fixes, updates and new features on a regular basis - something you just don't get from traditional software.

Our Goals

We are a passionate team wanting to make the very best software we can.

Beneficial – Our development is driven by your suggestions. We want you to find Cadasio a valuable asset to your company.

Affordable – No hidden costs, just simple transparent plans to suit any budget. Get started for free to ensure we are the right solution for you.

Simple to use – We want Cadasio to be accessible to everyone. Our intuitive interface means anyone can get up and running quickly and efficiently.

Want to join the crew?

We are often looking for talented, motivated individuals to join our team. Check out our careers page to see current availabilities.
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