Add a new dimension to your technical communications

Product documentation brought into the next dimension with Cadasio. Ideal for assembly instructions, service procedures, marketing assets and more!
And example of 3D Interactive Assembly Instructions from CAD dataClick here to see an example of Cadasio in action!

Works with your CAD system

Create 3D Instructions and Presentations from your Onshape CAD dataCreate 3D Instructions and Presentations from your Autodesk Inventor CAD dataCreate 3D Instructions and Presentations from your SolidWorks CAD dataCreate 3D Instructions and Presentations from your Fusion 360 CAD dataCreate 3D Instructions and Presentations from your SolidEdge CAD data

What is Cadasio?

An online platform that repurposes your existing CAD data to create eye catching, engaging 3D presentations.
Our intuitive user experience, based in your browser, saves time and money and enables everyone, no matter their experience, to create fantastic 3D product communications.
Wow your audience and modernise your technical communications with 3D, interactive presentations that you can share with anyone via a unique URL, QR code or even embed into your own website.

A flexible solution for your needs


People love using Cadasio.

"Since using Cadasio our assembly instructions present a more polished and professional appearance for the company as a whole"
Connor McCarthy
Design Associate
Titan Vans
"I estimate that in my typical project, making one figure in Cadasio is as much as 80% quicker than doing it our old way directly in the CAD software"
Ben Landgren
"Cadasio helps win customers"
Lewis Armstong
Product Designer
LUG Design

Get to market quicker

Save time and money by creating technical communications earlier in the process. Update existing projects instantly when CAD designs change without having to rework all your steps.

No experience required

New to 3D? No problem. Get started in a matter of minutes. We have in built interactive tutorials as well as a video library to help you get up and running quickly.

Get hands on with our examples

Want to see what all the fuss is about? Check out our showcase page to see some fantastic projects created with Cadasio.
No app, no installations, no need to login, simply run in your browser.
Viewable on any device

Runs within your browser

No need to install any apps, or have expensive CAD grade computers. Cadasio runs right in your browser. Create projects on Mac or PC and share to mobile devices easily.

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You're minutes away from creating fantastic 3D technical communications.
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