Modernise your technical documentation

Transform your traditional static 2D servicing and training manuals into interactive 3D presentations.
“We wanted to modernise our approach to assembly instructions and in turn make them easier to understand. Cadasio has been instrumental in helping us achieve that goal.”
Davor Gvozden
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Communicate complex procedures

Increase Understanding

People struggle to understand and visualize in 2D. Instead let them zoom, rotate and pan around your products to fully appreciate the instructions you are giving them. Add additional items such as checklists to ensure tasks have been completed before continuing.

Embed into your existing workflow

With automatically generated embed codes we can integrate with your current systems such as Webflow, Wordpress, Madcap Flare and Articulate.
Integrate 3D presentations with your existing website

Works with your CAD system

Create 3D Instructions and Presentations from your Onshape CAD dataCreate 3D Instructions and Presentations from your Autodesk Inventor CAD dataCreate 3D Instructions and Presentations from your SolidWorks CAD dataCreate 3D Instructions and Presentations from your Fusion 360 CAD dataCreate 3D Instructions and Presentations from your SolidEdge CAD data
Multiple outputs

More ways to show your instructions

Whilst we believe an interactive 3D presentation is the future, we appreciate you may still need to produce more traditional 2D outputs.

Quickly save out high resolution images on the fly, or publish all the steps you have created in one go. Create PDFs and also save out movies.

Reduce Translation

Less text can be used when the end user can rotate, zoom and pan into the instructions. Not only does this leave no room for misunderstanding it also reduces the substantial cost of translation.

Style it your way

Customise objects and markup to match your company's branding. Save customised items in your toolbox to reuse over and over again.


There's no need to start from the beginning when a modification is needed, simply create a new version and choose when to publish online.

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Do you want fantastic 3D interactive assembly instructions but don't have the time to do it yourself? We can convert existing manuals for you. Let us know what you need and we will be happy to help.
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