Stand out from the crowd with engaging 3D sales demos

Fantastic, interactive product presentations can drive sales and separate you from your competition. Speed up sales cycles with 3D showcases which can be shared with anyone without a physical product having been made.
An example of 3D instructions created from Onshape CAD data to really sell your product
"Not only are Cadasio presentations used to show how things work, they help win customers, since it is so easy to get a 3D presentation online quickly from CAD data."
Lewis Armstong
Product Designer
LUG Design
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Separate yourself from your competition with stunning digital content to showcase your product and win customers.


Automatically generate unique link and QR codes to make sharing quick and easy. Or embed into your own website.


New product version? Perhaps you need to change a colour or render style? Update your projects instantly.

Engage your audience

Cadasio automatically animates between the steps that you create. No complicated setup required. Add additional step transitions and attention grabbing animations to really capture your audiences attention.

Promote your product in a compelling way

Stand out from your competition with interactive, engaging presentations and display them in any web browser.

Get hands on with our examples

Want to see what all the fuss is about? Check out our showcase page to see some fantastic projects created with Cadasio.
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