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Cadasio is feature rich with tools that will ensure you get the job done in no time.
"Implementing Cadasio has not only delivered significant cost savings but its intuitive user interface has also saved us a considerable amount of time and effort when creating individual assembly guides."
Robert Smith
Production Manager
Tomcat Trikes
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Customise – Additional 2D and 3D assets such as labels, text, images and arrows, styled to match your company branding.
Animations – Control the way steps animate and add individual animations to items in your scene to really catch the users attention.
Up to date – Easily and quickly update your existing presentations when your CAD design changes saving hours of rework.
CAD metadata – Your full assembly hierarchy, colours and metadata are brought in for use from your original CAD.

Become more sustainable

Reduce paper use and printing costs by presenting your assembly and service instructions online in 3D.

Reduce time to market

You can update your Cadasio projects easily when designs change without having to rework everything. This means you can start your product documentation earlier on in the release cycle.

Viewable on mobile devices

No need for expensive CAD grade computers, or any extra installed apps. Presentations created with Cadasio can be viewed within the browser of any mobile device!

Update easily when CAD designs change

With our dedicated CAD addins you can update existing Cadasio projects when your CAD data is modified. Additional parts will be added and any changes to the geometry will be automatically reflected in all your steps saving you from having to start from scratch.

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