Transform your Onshape models into stunning interactive presentations

Start using our Onshape addin today and create 3D, interactive presentations and stunning graphical content straight from your CAD data.
Get the Cadasio Addin from the Onshape app store

1. Subscribe to the app

Visit the Onshape app store, and subscribe to the Cadasio app. It's completely free and will be added to your Onshape account.
Enable the Cadasio addin

2. Add To Onshape

With an Onshape document open use the + menu in the lower left corner to select Add application. Choose Cadasio and a new tab will appear along the bottom of your workspace.

3. Create Project

Whilst on the Cadasio tab, click Select Onshape Element to choose the file you wish to upload, give your new project a name and click Create Project.

4. Bring Your Manuals To Life!

You are now ready start creating your interactive instruction, work and service procedures! Login and your files will be available for use straight away.
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