Create interactive 3D presentations from your Autodesk Inventor files

Using our purpose built Autodesk Inventor addin you can create fantastic 3D presentations that can be shared with anyone. Ideal for assembly and service instructions as well as interactive web experiences.

1. Download

You will first want to get our latest Inventor addin from the Autodesk App Store.

2. Install

Once complete, run the download from either your browser or your downloads folder. We recommend you have Inventor shut down before the installation.
Autodesk Inventor addin manager

3. Addin To Inventor

The addin should have automatically been added in and become active, however it's worth checking. Open up the Inventor Addin Manager to confirm that the Cadasio addin is listed and will load automatically. Once you are satisfied, start Inventor.
Cadasio will appear as a tab on your Autodesk Inventor ribbon interface

4. Load Model and Start Addin

Open the file you wish to use in Cadasio. This can be a full assembly or single part. On the Cadasio tab on your feature ribbon click the icon and the addin interface will appear. You will be asked to either log in or provide an upload access key that can be created from within the Cadasio dashboard.
Cadasio Addin - Create Project

5. Create Project

Confirm you are on the Create tab of the addin interface. Set a name and click Create!

6. Bring Your Manuals To Life!

You are now ready start creating your interactive instruction, work and service procedures!
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