With over a decade of marine industry experience, PerformanSea offers specialised technical writing and document management services tailored to the unique demands of marine engineering products. In a sector where accurate and well-organised documentation is not just an option but a vital necessity, PerformanSea's expertise helps ship builders, marine equipment manufacturers, and maritime regulatory bodies achieve their goals with precision and efficiency.

PerformanSea's technical writing services encompass a comprehensive array of offerings. With a strong emphasis on safety, compliance, and optimal performance, often their work involves creating user manuals and guides that ensure the installation and continued operation and maintenance of marine products. With a wide potential audience, PerformanSea always strive to create accurate, easy to digest documents, that are organised and catalogued efficiently making them readily accessible to the relevant people.

PerformanSea offers specialised technical writing and document management services tailored to the unique demands of marine engineering products

Working with a range of different marine engineering companies means that a variety of different CAD systems are frequently encountered, with PerformanSea often having to be familiar with Autodesk’s Fusion360 and Inventor, SolidWorks, Onshape and SolidEdge. When asked why they chose to use Cadasio, Director Ben Landgren, a chartered marine engineer with more than a decade of experience in marine engineering and propulsion systems said “I have been making manuals for marine products for over 7 years. The problem has always been that we have used CAD software to make imagery for support documents. This means that either valuable design engineer time is used to make the images, or an additional CAD license is required for the technical author. The latter means added costs in terms of a license and CAD computer, for which the technical author rarely ever needs to use the majority the functions, other than exploded views. So either way it’s a massive waste of time and money“.

Being able upload and manipulate views of the CAD files directly within Cadasio, rather than doing it within a CAD system results in a cost savings from not having to have several dedicated CAD licenses just for technical documentation, and being able to run Cadasio within the browser, thus saving on expensive CAD grade hardware, made Cadasio a very attractive addition to the companies software portfolio.

PerformanSea uses Cadasio to create exploded views of Marine equipment

Cadasio has addins for all the mainstream CAD systems and can open industry standard common file types too, so it became the obvious choice when comparing with other tools on the market. “We work with customers that use different CAD packages so need to be able to adapt to their systems in a manner that does not add any friction in their processes or compromise sensitive CAD data. I have been looking for a solution like Cadasio for many years.” said Ben.

Whilst Cadasio’s primary focus is creating interactive 3D presentations from CAD data, it can also save out movies and images, and it’s the 2D output that PerformanSea utilise the most. “Making images with Cadasio is so fast that we have replaced lots of text with images. Actually, we have doubled the number of images and moved more to IKEA-style step-by-step image instructions. This shows as a 10 – 20% reduction in the cost of translation and proofreading.” Says Ben, adding “I estimate that in my typical project, making one figure in Cadasio is as much as 80% quicker than doing it our old way directly in the CAD software.”

"I have been looking for a solution like Cadasio for many years"

As well as PerformanSea offering technical writing and document management services they also have expertise in providing state-of-the-art Marine Engineering System Simulation services, leveraging the capabilities of Modelica. These simulations grant marine professionals the capability to craft, scrutinize, and enhance intricate marine systems with an unmatched level of precision.

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