With humble beginnings in 1955 within the small town of Hillerstorp, Sweden, Troax has been developing steel mesh panel solutions for machine guarding, warehouse partitioning, and property protection. They are the market leader with products to be found all over the world and have grown to have offices in more than 40 countries.

Troax creates steel mesh panel solutions to keep workers safe

Using Cadasio to create interactive 3D assembly instructions fitted in well with Troax’s ethos to always strive to exceed its customers’ expectations and develop innovative safety solutions that protect people, property and processes.

“We wanted to modernise our approach to assembly instructions and in turn make them easier to understand. Cadasio has been instrumental in helping us achieve that goal.”

The new instructions are available online and paper instructions now include a QR code, which is automatically generated by Cadasio, so that the end user can simply scan and get the assembly presentation on their computer, phone or tablet in a matter of seconds.

Troax’s machine guarding solutions are used to protect people from machines and robots in automated manufacturing processes. Having them assembled correctly is of vital importance.

Cadasio’s 3D assembly instructions offer a much clearer understanding of the procedures we are trying to convey when compared to traditional methods.. Being able to create and update   assembly instructions directly from our CAD system is a huge advantage.  Any design changes can be instantly  reflected in the Cadasio project with a simple update, ensuring that our customers always have the most up-to date information.” commented designer Davor Gvozden.

QR codes are now added to instructions for easy access to assembly instructions

Troax’s mesh panel solutions are 99 % recyclable, and through their extensive environmental work, they have taken large and comprehensive initiatives to minimize the impact on the environment. They are hoping that by introducing electronic assembly manuals they can reduce the need for printed paper instructions.

The largest and most important production facility for Troax is located in its home town of Hillerstorp, Sweden, and is among the most automated in the business. Troax uses straightforward, integrated manufacturing process to manage its output in accordance with customer demands.

Troax is continually working to boost productivity, enhance the manufacturing procedure, and improve their customers experience, and Cadasio is proud to play a part in this.