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"Since using Cadasio our assembly instructions present a more polished and professional appearance for the company as a whole"
Connor McCarthy
Design Associate
Titan Vans
“The ability to quickly create and share digital assembly procedures directly from our CAD models has been transformative. Cadasio's user-friendly platform has made it easier for us to produce more effective and interactive instructions, enhancing the clarity and understanding of our product assemblies.”
Eirik Undheim
Head of Technology
Aarbakke Innovation
"We can now create clear and detailed instructions in a quarter of the time it used to take us to shoot a video"
Marc Campbell
Senior Engineer
"Thanks to Cadasio, Hannun has the possibility of updating the instructions when necessary, thus saving management time"
Roger Cos
Product Specialist
"One huge aspect of choosing Cadasio was not only being able to create the amazing interactive presentations, but also the way we can easily get 2D images and videos out too."
Mike Hadden
Bloxwich Group
"Implementing Cadasio has not only delivered significant cost savings but its intuitive user interface has also saved us a considerable amount of time and effort when creating individual assembly guides."
Robert Smith
Production Manager
Tomcat Trikes
"With Cadasio we can leverage our existing SolidWorks CAD data to modernise the delivery of our servicing instructions making them more engaging and interactive, easily deploying and maintaining them through the cloud."
Ryan MacRobbie
Mechanical Systems Manager
Lavazza Professional
"Cadasio has helped me to create high quality interactive instructions seamlessly from their Fusion 360 addin with minimal time and effort. The technical support has been excellent and the Cadasio team has been very responsive and quick to note potential features to incorporate in future releases."
Jeff Halter
Industrial/Instructional Designer
Halter Design
“I wanted the ability to create easy to follow, animated, online step by step instructions but also have the options to created printable pdf documents mirroring the online version. Cadasio offers all of the above at a very competitive price compared with SolidWorks Composer or similar software.”
Fulvio Pozzoni

Success stories

Building Brilliance: Fulv improves instructions and drives sales with Cadasio


Building Brilliance: Fulv improves instructions and drives sales with Cadasio
Titan DIY Kits drives efficiency with Cadasio

Titan DIY Kits

Titan DIY Kits drives efficiency with Cadasio
C&G Systems takes a smarter path with Cadasio

C&G Systems

C&G Systems takes a smarter path with Cadasio
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