Titan DIY Kits represent a labour of love initiated by the dedicated team at Titan Vans and aims to empower DIYers and van builders by producing top-notch, long-lasting components capable of withstanding the challenges of adventurous van life.

Converting vans is a popular and exciting trend that allows individuals to transform standard vans into personalised, functional, and comfortable travel vehicles. This process involves tailoring the van's interior and exterior to meet specific needs and preferences. People often choose to customize camper vans to create a mobile home on wheels, making it perfect for adventurous road trips, camping, or even full-time living.

"Since using Cadasio our assembly instructions present a more polished and professional appearance for the company as a whole"

Titan DIY Kits serves as a comprehensive resource for van builders and DIYers, offerings a range of kits and accessories to tailor to all needs and levels of customisation. They provide base kits for those looking for a starting point to fully personalise their build, as well as kits offering everything needed for a complete  van conversion, including floors, beds, cabinets, and kitchen galleys.

Their latest kit, the Timber Van Conversion Kit, has just been released and provides a complete off grid electrical system, integrated fresh and grey water system, and can be installed in Mercedes Sprinters, Ford Transits as well as Ram ProMasters.

Customisation options are nearly limitless, from layout and design choices for the interior, such as sleeping arrangements, kitchen facilities, and seating areas. Whilst they do offer an in-house conversion service, their kits and accessories are designed to be assembled, finished and installed by the owner of the van, so they require fully detailed and informative assembly and fitting instructions. “We were struggling to find a way to show intuitive and engaging assembly instructions for our DIY van cabinets without spending a lot of time manually creating them in programs like Adobe Illustrator” explained Design Associate Connor McCarthy, “After doing some research on the internet for Fusion 360 compatible programs, we landed on Cadasio for its ability to easily upload our existing CAD assemblies. The technical look is very clean and exactly what we were looking for.

Cadasio has dedicated addins for all the mainstream CAD systems, including the increasingly popular Autodesk Fusion 360. Using the addin allows you to easily create 3D interactive presentations from your CAD data, saving you time compared to manually redrawing images and creating a more modern experience for your end user. Since projects made with Cadasio are based upon your CAD data, any changes made, such as adding additional components or modifying geometry, can be easily reflected without the need of having to start again. This ability to update existing Cadasio projects when the CAD changes proved to be an extremely important feature for Connor and the Titan DIYKit team “We often make design changes and iterations. This would be a huge issue in any other program, but with Cadasio we can update instructions directly from Fusion360 whenever an important change is made. From there it doesn’t take long to reflect that change in Cadasio.

Implementing new software within a company often brings along hidden costs that can be easily overlooked and not factored into the cost, such as equipment and training. Cadasio runs directly within your internet browser, so there is no need for any installation, and you don’t require any expensive computer hardware. You can get started straight away with a free account and it is easy to pick up with an intuitive interface meaning no additional costly training courses “I learned the program in under a week by just messing around in the trial and also thanks to their tutorial videos” Connor said.

The projects created with Cadasio can be outputted as 2D images to be used in other programs such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Adobe Illustrator, but the main focus is on creating interactive 3D presentations that engage the user and help explain procedures in a more appealing, modern way compared to traditional methods. “Since using Cadasio our assembly instructions present a more polished and professional appearance for the company as a whole” concluded Connor.

For more information regarding the products and services Titan DIY Kits offer, head over to their website. You can get started for free with Cadasio today, simply create an account and find out how it can add a new dimension to your technical communications.