With Cadasio Premium you get all the great functionality of Professional, with unlimited projects and some new features that will help to bring your interactive 3D presentation to life even easier.

For a limited time you can also get 20% off your first year when you upgrade using the following code

This is a limited time deal and you can check out all our plans and the features they include on our Pricing page.


When publishing a project you now create a version of your project. You can think of versions like a snapshot of your project at a particular moment in time. For users on our Free or Professional subscriptions you are limited to a single version. Premium expands the offering and allows you to have up to 5 active published versions. You can choose which of these versions are available online and access the 2D images from them at any time you wish. To see more about versions, check out our tech tip post for more information.

Offline Viewing

Sometimes you may want to view your projects whilst you don’t have an internet connection. With Cadasio Premium you can choose to download a viewer file which will simply run on Windows and Mac OS.

We also have you covered if you want to be able to see your projects on a mobile device whilst no internet connection is available. From the showcases you are able to cache projects. This will store the relevant information in your browser so that it can load up even when no internet access is available.

Check out our download and offline viewing tech tip for more information.


A brilliant new feature to help share multiple projects with your end users are showcases. Simply choose which published projects you want to have included and a new link, including QR code, will be generated for you to share with anyone. Options to password protect are also available. Our showcases tech tip blog page has more information regarding this.

How to get Premium

For new customers, simple select premium when you first login to your account. For existing customers, head over to the accounts area of the Dashboard - Subscriptions, then click go Premium. From there you will be taken to our payment partner Stripe to confirm details and enter the promotional code. If you require any assistance please do not hesitate to contact Cadasio support who will be happy to help.

We have big plans for Cadasio this year so keep an eye out on all our updates and subscribe to us on all your favourite social media platforms to keep in the loop.