You can think of a version as a snapshot of your project at a point in time. You will generally create a project and get it to a stage you wish to share, and then create a version. Any subsequent changes you then make to the project will mean the project needs a new version creating. This means that versions provide a safe way of working on your project as changes you make are only made available when you choose to publish a new version. and there are a couple of ways to create them.

Publish Online

Publish online will automatically create a version if needed

If you intend to share your project online straight away then the first way is to head to the publish online button from within the tools menu. When publishing a project online for the first time, the version will be created automatically as part of this operation. The project will then be available to view using the QR code, public link or even embedded into your own website. Check out our dedicated Publishing Online quick tip video for more explanations about some of the options available to you.

Once published you will have a URL, QR code and embed code to share your Cadasio presentation

Publish Version

One of the most powerful features of Cadasio is the ability to propagate changes made in your original CAD files without having to redo all your steps. So how does that work with versions?

As previously mentioned, a version is a snapshot of the moment in time that it was created. Therefore, any subsequent changes made to the project in the designer will only become available to share once a new version has been created and published. This is great as it allows you to make modifications to your project whilst a published version is still available online, and means you are in total control of when the updates are propagated through to your shared presentation.To create a new version, head to the tools tab and choose

Publish version

Each version has its own automatically generated version number and date stamp, and you can also add a description too. If you need to change the description at any point, simply click into the description field to edit it.

For those of you with Personal or Professional subscriptions, you are able to have one version at a time. So when a new version is created it automatically replaces the previous one.

However Cadasio premium, extends the functionality of versions by allowing up to five different versions to exist at any point in time. This is extremely powerful as it can dramatically reduce the number of projects you need, and allows you to make multiple updates without ever having to take a published project offline. This is perfect for design changes, and product revisions.

When creating versions, you will notice several options at the bottom. You can choose to unpublish old versions, or overwrite them - which could be great if you are only making a minor change to the presentation, perhaps fixing spelling mistake or adding a logo that was originally left out.

You can have up to 5 versions

From the versions table you can control whether the project is published online, as well as being able to publish images and pdf’s, download the file for offline use, delete the version or open the published project. A useful feature is the ability to create a brand new, distinct project from a version, which is great if you want a starting point for project that is similar but different enough to warrant keeping it separate.

It's also worth noting that if you look at the publish online options, your are able to get distinct links for each version, or simply link to the latest, which is great as you can share one link knowing people will always see the most up to date information.