Cadasio provides two useful solutions for when needing to view projects offline, on any device. You can download a viewer file, which can run on Windows and Mac PC's, or cache projects directly within your browser which is great for mobile devices.

Downloading Files

Publish Download

To download a project, simply head to the Tools menu from within the designer, or the publish tab within the dashboard, and pick ‘Publish Download’. This prompts a window where you can specify which version of the project you would like to download.

To view this downloaded file, you will need to install the Cadasio viewer, which is available on the tab at the top of the Publish Download interface. There is a version available for PC and Mac. You only need to download and install this once on your machine.

Cadasio projects use their own .cadasio file extension, meaning that your files are automatically associated with the Cadasio viewer. Once open, you have all of the same great functionality as you do when viewing online.

Caching Files

A published showcase

For mobile devices or instances where installing the Cadasio viewer is not an option, you can cache projects within your browser. If you know an internet connection is not going to be available, simply publish your project and add it to a Showcase. Then if you browse to the showcase you can cache any of the projects assigned to it. They will remain cached until the browser history is cleared. Checkout our separate tech tip regarding showcases for more information.