Hannun, Spain’s leading manufacturer of sustainable furniture is taking a further step in sustainability and innovation thanks to interactive digital instructions on the web through the online platform Cadasio.

Through this integration, Hannun is able to further reduce its carbon footprint and development costs, as well as improving the customer experience.

"Leaving behind paper-based instructions and opting for this new method has meant overcoming several obstacles, between them, the sustainability, lack of agility in the complex models, difficulty in implementing modifications and improvements or parts that are difficult for the customer to assemble", says Roger Cos, product specialist at Hannun.

Hannun produces a range of sustainable furniture

Cadasio. is an innovative online design platform with the purpose of transforming the traditional instruction manuals in interactive 3D animation. Thanks to Cadasio., Hannun has the chance to update the instructions whenever necessary, thus saving management time with the Barcelona based company’s workshop craftsmen when there is a change in the instructions.

In addition, it allows for extensive development of the instructions, something that was limited by of the paper use. This new format of instructions can be consulted at the time of the purchase, available on the products own’s web page, in an interactive version and downloadable PDF.

Once the purchase is made and the order is delivered, the costumer will also receive the instructions by e-mail. Close to saying goodbye to paper for good, Hannun opts by 3D instructions, yet another action that this time will contribute to reduction of paper usage and improve the costumer experience.

You can find interactive instructions such as the de Tatami doble Anhelí throughout the Hannun website.

The original Spanish version of this can be read on El Bien Social.