Armadillo, founded in 2017, an international leader in garage organization design and manufacturing, has added Cadasio to its software portfolio for the purpose of improving the end user’s assembly experience and thereby reducing calls to customer service.

A global leader in the design and manufacture of garage cabinets, shelving, and related products, Armadillo has made the assembly of RTA garage organization products easier for the end user, making this a DIY project for anyone.

Armadillo's garage organization units come in a large range of shapes and sizes

Armadillo lives by its mission to provide customers with quality garage organization products that take less time to assemble, giving them more time to get organized. Being able to take our 2D instructions and bring them to life on someone’s device reduces assembly time and increases overall customer satisfaction.” says Aaron Diamond Co-founder, and Partner.

Since traditional 2D instructions, with lots of words can lead to misunderstanding, Cadasio's animated 3D instructions help audiences full understand all the details for the assembly process.

"We tried a couple of 3D instruction platforms, Cadasio is the one with the simplest approach, clean interface, and enough functionality"

Armadillo Cabinets are designed to unfold, open and snap together, achieving at least a 50% reduction in set-up time over any competitor’s product. They are the fastest and easiest cabinets in the market to set-up, and they wanted tools to create instructions that met with their high expectations.

"We wanted to present detailed workflow for the end users which is clearer than 2D instructions on paper and with more visualization. We tried a couple of 3D instruction platforms, Cadasio is the one with the simplest approach, clean interface, and enough functionality. It has also been helpful for us to upgrade our website and users experience.“ said Diamond.

Their Jumbo Gearbox achieved a 90% reduction in set-up time over a competitor’s product while maintaining loading strength and quality. “At Armadillo, we stand by our products. In fact, we’re so confident in the Armadillo brand, we offer an industry-leading limited lifetime warranty that is as ironclad as our products. This is our commitment to you, as well as our craftsmanship, quality materials and service." concluded Diamond.

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