Why cadasio?

Still need convincing that we could be the right choice for you? Check out some of these reasons, or better yet just try it out for free yourself!

go 3d

Go 3D!

Your customers live in a 3D world, so it makes sense that the instructions they are using are also in 3D.


Go Green

You may find that you are required to print less paper instructions when they are so easily accessible online.


Reduced Translation

You can rotate, zoom and animate your instructions which means less text is required and it is easier to understand by everyone.

reduce time to market

Reduce Time To Market

Import your files straight from your CAD system of choice and show them off online as soon as you are ready. No wait for printing or shipping of your instructions.

mobile friendly

Mobile Friendly

Share your projects with anyone with an internet connection. No matter if they are using a desktop, tablet or mobile, your instructions will work and look great.

system requirements

System Requirements

You can use cadasio on a Windows, Mac or Android device. There's no complicated installation procedure, expensive systems or software to install and maintain.



cadasio can be used by non-technical users and does not require prior CAD knowledge or training. Tips and videos are available to help you get started if required.



With cadasio you are able to access it from every device with an Internet connection at any time. It increases your mobility when creating and sharing your assembly and service instructions.


Automatic Updates

All the updates are deployed automatically. We are continually improving the software, you will always have the latest features and you don’t need to download and install any patches.

customer experience

Customer Experience

With instructions created with cadasio your customers can interact with your product and see animations to really understand the procedure.

real time changes

Make Real Time Changes

Has your design changed? Or perhaps you have spotted a minor mistake, with cadasio make changes to your instructions and see the results immediately online saving costly reprinting.


Import Many File Types

We don't limit you to using files from one particular CAD system. We have plugins for the most common CAD packages and can import the neutral formats OBJ and STEP.

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