On average we update cadasio every 2 weeks, here are some of the updates, enhancements and bug fixes that have been implemented this month. Please remember you can get an overview of all the releases by visiting our change log.

Do you have a suggestion that would make cadasio better? Or perhaps you have spotted a pesky bug that is annoying you? Head over to our forum or alternatively message support.

This release sees a big update to a lot of toolbox items, some of which you won't see. As well as some bug fixes, lots of requested features have been implemented. Please read through the enhancements and if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the team.


The dashboard has been updated to include your library. In here you have access to your toolbox, assets and fonts.


Assets are a new concept in this release. They are additional items to use in your projects and toolbox items. Assets can be images, audio files, 3D objects or even links to Youtube or Vimeo videos.

Unlike before, where you had to keep uploading images that were used in multiple projects, assets allow you to upload it once and reuse it over and over again. Better yet, you can update an asset and anywhere its used will update too!

The asset manager can be accessed from the dashboard, or from within the designer. For those of you with a professional license, Cadasio comes with hundreds of assets for you to make use of.


We have revamped the toolbox. There is a new default toolbox for all users. This new default toolbox has the new style text items. Since this has been a big update in the background we are always conscious not to break existing projects, and hope that everyone likes the new options. With that in mind, all your old toolbox items have stayed the exactly the same, and behave in the same way as they always have. If you want to make use of the new style text toolbox items, which we recommend, then please use your new toolbox. New toolbox items will also show a handy thumbnail in the designer to make it easier to pick the one you want to use.

Selector Tree

To go along with the new toolbox items, the selector tree has been improved based on customer feedback. Rather than being split into categories, now items are grouped based on there original toolbox item. If it’s a text item, its text will display in the tree. This makes it a lot easy to find objects especially when they are hidden.

New Text Editing Interface

We have had several enhancement requests to improve the text editing that we offer. Now when you edit the new toolbox text items a handy popup bar will appear to format the contents. It now can handle lists, a simple grid and strike through. We have made the sizing easier to work with, providing predefined options.

Using the new assets manager, you can also mix and match text with other media. Simply click the assets button on the new toolbar and you can insert images, audio or even embed a video!

Please note this only effects text added via the new toolbox. To avoid issues, any existing text items you have will remain and behaviour exactly as before.


You now have access to the entire Google Fonts library! Either from the dashboard or from the font drop down when editing text you can customise your available fonts! Head over to Google fonts to see which you like and get them added.

Other Improvements

Transparent Leaders and Shapes

You can now set the leader and shape of your toolbox 2D to be transparent.


Hyper links in text, and new options of whether to open onclick links in a new window.

Navigation Links

The interface has been improved to make adding navigation links even easier.

Lock toolbox items

Prevent them for being selected, great to avoid accidentally moving it.

Bug Fixes

Thanks to everyone that raised bugs. Spotted something wrong that you want fixed? Head over to our forum or message support.

  • FIXED: Handle carriage return in text
  • FIXED: Multiple selected 2D items now drag as expected
  • FIXED: Animated Gifs not working
  • And much more...