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With our cadasio addin for Onshape addin you can create and update cadasio projects. We would recommend you have Inventor shut down before the installation take place.

Check out our Trust Centre for a full overview of how we work with your data.

Step 1 - Login To Onshape

To be able to get the app you need to make sure you are logged in to Onshape.

onshape login
onshape app store

Step 2 - Get the App

Visit the Onshape app store, you can then search for cadasio. To make sure you can use the app, which is completely free, make sure you subscribe to it and it will be added to your Onshape account.

Step 3 - Add to Onshape

To use the application, open an Onshape document and use the + menu in the lower left corner to select Add application. The cadasio application will now appear in the list of available applications. Select the application and a new tab will appear within Onshape.

Onshape add application
cadasio Onshape interface

Step 4 - Choose Document and Set Destination

Ensure you have the cadasio tab open. If you are currently logged out then you will be will be asked to log in. If you haven't registered with us yet, create an account to be able to continue. Confirm you are on the Create New tab of the addin interface. Click Select Onshape Element to choose the file you wish to upload, give your new project a name and click Create Project.

Step 5 - Create Project

Onshape will first convert your files and then send it to us, which may take a minute or so depending on the size and complexity. More information about this process can be found in our Trust Centre.

Step 6 - Bring Your Manuals To Life!

Once uploaded you will then have the option to open the project embedded right within Onshape window or upload another file. You can of course log into cadasio elsewhere and work on your project there.

Check out our videos to get started and see the functionality within cadasio and if you have any questions head over to our forum.


Its worth noting that on the advanced tab of the app there are various options that will affect your import. With these settings you can choose whether to include hidden and surface models with your upload. By default, the mesh quality is determined by your screen quality, which for most people is sufficient. However if you want more control you can set the mesh quality yourself. Please note, whilst a higher quality mesh will result in smoother surfaces, depending on your geometry you may not actually be able to tell the difference, but the file size will have increased, which will have an impact on the load time of your projects.

If you work with multibody parts, then you can choose whether to bring those in as a single part, in which case they will select as a single unit and only have one set of properties for the entire part. Or you can choose to create an assembly from the bodies, in which case each body will behave as if it was its own part.

Onshape cadasio app advanced options

Is My Data Safe?

We convert your CAD files into mesh display data, which is ultimately a lot of triangles that gives us a "3D picture". A mesh does not distinguish between different features, such as faces or holes. The sketches and features used to create the model are of no interest to us. The result file is also a different scale to the original.

Check out our Trust Centre for more information about how we keep all your data secure.

Trust Centre

Additional Plugins

We also have plugins available for other CAD systems.

SolidWorks cadasio addin Autodesk Inventor fusion cadasio addin SolidEdge cadasio addin Autodesk Fusion cadasio addin